Welcome to David A Art.Com

Welcome to David A Art.Com


The Reason /Time

The Reason.

Where do I start, well I guess I start here,

the reason I live here, is all very clear.

First there's the climate, the blue skies, the heat,

then there's the landscape, I can explore on my feet.

The mountains, the coastline, the crystal blue sea,

the beaches of white sand, that fill me with glee.

The history, the culture, the locals I meet,

the smile of their welcome, the warmth of their greet.

The donkeys, the sheep, the goats on the hills,

the swifts in the skies, performing their reels.

The fiestas, the lifestyle, the traditions, the pace,

the lift in my heart, knowing life's not a race.


The first one, the last one, the one that you hear,

the sound of the clock as the seconds disappear.

The minutes, the hours, the days that retreat,

turns weeks into months, that dissolve so discreet.

The years and the decades, that just passed us by,

that cannot return, must drift to the sky.

The seasons of change, that turn winter to spring,

then summer to autumn,  without noticing.

All go unnoticed,  until we recollect,

that the time that we lost, was the time to reflect.