Welcome to David A Art.Com

Welcome to David A Art.Com




The loving smile of a child,

the look of trust in their eye,

the tender touch to confirm you are there,

as something of suspicion goes by.

The sound of uncontrollable laughter,

the giggles that come from within,

the jumping for joy, the skips of delight,

when they see you're prepared to join in.

The questions of limited knowledge,

the comments of an innocent mind,

the mischievous grin, when you're taken in

and they know that your response will be kind.

The sheer look of excitement on arrival,

the high squeal of joy to begin,

the fun of the game, with others who play

and the happiness that shines from within.

The tear that could have fallen from heaven,

the turned lip that has broken the grin,

the hand that reaches for assurance

and finds love by the touch of your skin.

The joy of being part of that childhood,

the pleasure in watching their growth,

the love that forms from the experience

and the happiness that it brings to you both.

The smallest things take up the most room in your heart.